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A reflection on age

As I turn a year older today and hit the stretch towards 40, I reflect on age and how wrong I have been about it.

I thought life was all about rushing and achieving everything as quickly as possible. I thought that I had to achieve everything by the age of 30 for it to matter and mean “I had made it”.

How wrong I was.

I feel more alive now than ever before.

I have more energy, more drive, and more determination.

Everything up until now has been a learning experience in helping me find who I really am, what I want, what matters most to me and how I can bring value to the people around me and the world as a whole.

I’m only just getting started.

The successes, failures and challenges along with the ongoing highs and lows have given me the perspectives that I never knew I needed.

I now realise getting to 30 is about trying things in business and life. Getting to 40 is about finding who you really are and building your foundation. Getting to 50 is about enjoying life and being able to live it the way you want. Beyond that is about living smarter, happier and wealthier.

Never let age deter you from your goals and ambitions.

There is always more time than what you realise.

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