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A simple thank you note

I remember a time where thank you notes were a thing.

Where handwritten notes on a nice thick piece of paper with some nice branding were handwritten and sent to people.

Thank you notes were sent after meeting someone, after a successful meeting, after an introduction, after someone had done something for someone, etc.

As things became more digital, the practice of sending thank-you notes in the mail slowly disappeared.

Sadly though, the whole practice of sending thank you notes, in general, has disappeared.

In a time where it is actually easier to send thank you messages (email, SMS, messenger etc.) there are fewer and fewer being sent.

It’s a simple, respectful, practice that can easily make you stand out in today’s world.

A five-minute practice where you send thank you messages to people you’ve met with, spoke with, had dealings with, or thought about in the past 24 hours.

Try it, it will make someone’s day to receive a simple thank you note from you.

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