About Shane Black.

An entrepreneur that has been through the highs and lows of business and life but has a never give up attitude and always bounces back.

By the age of 26, Shane Black had built a multi-million dollar group of businesses. Combined, the businesses generated more than $35 million in revenue without any funding or investors. Then he lost everything, went bankrupt, hit a dark time of his life, and had to start over again from scratch.

An Overview of Shane Black.

For more than two decades, Shane Black has been involved in businesses. From building and running them to consulting and advising them. He has built an empire, lost it, and then rebuilt from the ground up again. He’s experienced twists and turns the entire way through his journey but it’s his resilience and never give up attitude that has allowed him to persevere and come out on top when all odds have been against him.

Without the challenges, obstacles and failures, he wouldn’t be where he is in life today and he wouldn’t be able to build the businesses that he does. He lives a life of no regrets and openly shares his wins and losses in business. Shane is the CEO of a holding company comprising of a marketing agency that helps brands to drive business further in a technology-driven world, along with an expanding portfolio of eCommerce, media, retail, technology and online businesses.

He has been recognised as a local top 50 entrepreneur under the age of 40 and his businesses have won numerous awards over the years for innovation, growth and community impact.

Today, alongside his various business interests, he has a deep passion for helping other people achieve more through his speaking, writing, coaching and consulting.By sharing his stories of successes, failures and lessons learnt, he motivates and empowers people to dream big and do more while avoiding the mistakes that he has made.

"I'll always win because I never give up, no matter what."

Shane Black


Shane Black Biography.


Entrepreneurship has been in Shane’s blood for as long as he can remember since a little kid. Although he never knew exactly what he was going to do, he just knew he was going to be in business.

Growing up, he would spend weekends and holidays with his grandparents who lived on a farm. His Grandad owned a second-hand yard that took up acres of paddocks and sheds. He sold everything from iron, timber, and doors through to swimming pools, white goods and furniture. Shane would tag along and watch him negotiate and barter to get the best deals on absolutely everything. It was confidence, knowing your products and pure hustle that Shane witnessed and learnt from his Grandad. This is quite possibly where it all started for him.

During his high school years, his thirst for business and entrepreneurship only intensified. He would wake up early to ride and get the morning newspaper in below zero temperatures just so he could read the stocks and business news before school. At the age of 13, he started working in the family business as the cleaner! While his friends would go and play after school, Shane would catch the school bus and go to work every day.

Later on, after a family separation and the family business hitting trouble, Shane took over the business as CEO. He was able to turn the business around and build it into a multi-million dollar group of businesses throughout Australia. The training college grew into one of the largest private colleges teaching hospitality, cookery, hair & beauty, English, business, IT and more. Other businesses within the group included training restaurants, hair salons, catering and event management. Combined, the businesses generated more than $35 million in revenue without any funding or outside investors.

Then came a number of Government policy changes that had a detrimental impact on the education industry. Having successfully turned the business around and moved into a brand new state of the art head office/campus facility, there weren’t the cash reserves in order to survive the policy changes and see through the tough times that lay ahead. Eventually, the group went into administration and Shane went bankrupt.

Although it was a tough stage of Shane’s life, having lost everything that he had worked for and sacrificed so much for, it was also one of the best learning experiences he has ever had. As he watched everything get picked apart and sold off along with the legal implications of administration and bankruptcy, he got to see business from a whole different side. He learnt how to better structure businesses, protect them and realised where he had made mistakes and could have done things differently.

Shane went on to start a few different small businesses before embarking on his next big venture, Black Media. He still considers this to be his flagship business and considers it pivotal to all of his other business ventures. Black Media is a full-service marketing agency that focuses on driving businesses further. It is the machine that he filters all his businesses through for branding, marketing, advertising and rapid growth strategies. His holding company continues to grow with a range of different businesses including Amazing Brands, a collection of retail and eCommerce brands focusing on hampers, donuts, clothing and food. Long-term plans will see Shane acquiring and investing in businesses to allow for quicker global growth over the next decade.

With multiple ventures behind him, Shane can be seen sharing his knowledge and experiences to help other entrepreneurs overcome challenges and find the motivation to achieve more in life. After taking a break from public speaking, Shane is now getting back into it so he can spread his message further and help more people.

His philanthropy efforts continue to expand but he prefers to keep these close to his chest as he doesn’t do it for bragging rights or recognition. Over the years, he has contributed time and money to various organisations and sat on different non-profit boards. He has also given away more than 150 scholarships to high school graduates and disadvantaged youth.

Shane currently lives on the Gold Coast but travels back and forth between Melbourne where his son lives. He enjoys keeping fit and healthy, outdoor activities, travelling and exploring, reading and constantly learning about anything and everything.