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Be more transparent

One thing I know I could’ve done better in the past is to be more transparent.

With staff, clients, partners and even prospects.

I kept a lot close to my chest and at the management level without sharing anything more than what I needed too.

Why? I don’t know.

It could’ve been from fear of people copying ideas. Publicly sharing information. Not wanting to worry people. Or maybe it was pride. Who knows, it was probably a combination of everything.

The problem with not being transparent is that it leaves people to come to their own conclusions. These will often be wrong as they don’t have all the details. They only have their version.

You can avoid all of this by being more transparent and upfront with everyone you deal with. Don’t hide news, share directions, and summarise business performance including revenue and expenses.

People will support you more, respect you more and believe in your overall vision more. That’s what you want if you’re going to achieve ultimate success.

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