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The longer you leave it

…the harder it gets.

Whether it’s a problem, something you’ve been avoiding, something you need to do, or something you want to start.

Get out of your funk

I’ve been in a funk.

It’s lasted half the week.

I’ve been difficult, moody, impossible to talk to, lost, frustrated and angry at myself.

As a result, I’ve doubted myself, I haven’t been motivated, I’ve been negative and generally down on life.

I hate it when this happens. It doesn’t happen often, but it happens.

It’s probably brought on by having too much going on and then getting overwhelmed with it all, or not handling it all well.

The best cure I’ve found for when I’m in a funk is having someone to talk to.

Someone that will just let you vent and blurt it all out, regardless of what it is you have to say. At the time, talking is the last thing I want to do. But, I always feel better after doing it.

This is where having that person is important because they can identify when you are in a funk and they know they have to push you to talk and get out of your funk.

Checks and balances

I was scrolling through Instagram today and a post jumped out at me.

It was from a car manufacturer that I like and follow.

However, the image in the post was from a competing car manufacturer.

A little confused, I stopped and stared at the post and then went into the comments. There were already 30+ comments from people like me a little confused as to why they had posted this.

The comments started to get entertaining as people realised this was a big mistake that shouldn’t have happened.

For around 30 minutes this post remained live before it was taken down. Enough time for people to post it to their stories, myself included, and to get screenshots of this big fuckup.

I assume a social media company has both these brands as clients. Someone has scheduled the post but neglected to check the account to which it was being posted and nobody has double checked all the scheduled posts.

This shouldn’t have happened though.

As an agency owner myself, I know how all the different social scheduling tools work. There are checks and balances built into these tools so people can work with many brands at once and keep everything separate. There are also approval stages built-in so someone overall can sign off on the content being published for a brand.

It’s a lesson for agencies to not become complacent when scheduling content for clients, especially when working with brands within the same industry.

It’s also a lesson for businesses that outsource their marketing to agencies to monitor their work and hold them accountable. You don’t want something like this happening to you.

Taking things personally

A lot of pain can be had when we take things personally.

Whether it’s words spoken or actions taken from someone, they can hurt deeply if we let them.

But, the power lies in not taking things personally.

Instead, realise that most words and actions from others are based on their own present pain or pleasure.

Their bad day, their relationship problems, their struggling business, their stress or whatever it may be is being projected into their words and actions. Often, subconsciously.

Let people have their opinions. Let them have their bad day. Let them deal with their pain.

Be the stronger, confident, happier person that doesn’t let others opinions and actions get to you on a deeply personal level.

The right time

The “right time” is more an excuse than a reality.

We say it’s not the right time as a way to justify why we haven’t started something or why we can’t do something.

Being the right time rarely has anything to do with it though. It’s just an easy way out by saying that.

In most cases, there is never a “right time”.

There is always going to be things that change and external factors that we have no control over that can impact what we need to do.

Money mindset

When it feels like you are swamped in debt, it’s your money mindset that will help you get out of it.

To start with, you have to stop thinking that you don’t have money, that you won’t be able to pay off the debt, that you can’t make that much money, that you’re not good with money etc.

That’s only setting you up for more debt, stress and struggle.

You have to believe in yourself that you are going to get through this, that you are going to find the money, that things will work out and that you aren’t going to let this bring you down.

When you’re thinking and acting in a positive manner you are more likely to be creative about ways in which you can generate income.

There’s no quick or easy way out of it. But, continually thinking about your debt and the bad situation is only going to make it worse.

Instead, change your money mindset to one of abundance and capability to be able to generate money.

Happiness starts within

Money, people or things won’t bring happiness if you aren’t happy within yourself.

Sure, they might help to maintain happiness but you have to have it to start with.

Work on being happy within to experience true happiness throughout all aspects of your life. This means being happy with your health, fitness, mental health, relationships, living circumstances and your work.

Limiting your creative ideas

Creative ideas happen when you stop worrying about what others will think about them.

When you do that, you are limiting yourself.

You aren’t giving yourself the freedom to think bigger.

And, it’s that big thinking that will help you to come up with the big ideas for business, life, goals and dreams.

The need for adjustments

With what’s happened globally at the moment, everybody has had to adjust in one way or another.

For most people, work has not been the same.

People were quickly forced into working from home, communicating differently through Zoom or Skype and using technology in ways they hadn’t done before.

Businesses were quickly forced to accommodate these changes, come up with alternative processes, create new products or services and adapt to a changing environment on a daily basis.

It just goes to show how quickly people and businesses can adjust, when needed too.

This shouldn’t just happen in pandemics like this though. This is how people and businesses should be operating all the time. It’s a way to stay ahead, pivot and adjust.

What’s most important to you?

It’s a question we often avoid asking ourself.

Yet, it’s a question that shapes who we are and what we do.

By knowing what’s important to us, we are able to determine our goals, values and directions in life.


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