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Bringing Out Your Inner Child

This morning I went for a bike ride around Cairns, a tropical north location of Queensland, Australia.

I rode around the town getting coffee, breakfast and doing a bit of site seeing of the city and the big marina they have here.

It has probably been more than ten years since I went for a casual bike ride around any town or place.

From the start of the ride, I couldn’t keep the smile off my face.

I had brought out the inner child in me and I was loving it.

As adults, we don’t do this enough.

We get so consumed with our daily lives and being adults that we simply forget to do something that we used to enjoy when we were younger.

Kids, most of the time, are carefree, fearless, happy, adventurous and always wanting to give something a try.

Over time, as adults, we lose these qualities.

It wouldn’t hurt for us to every so often, bring out our inner child.


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