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Build A List

Avoid one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made multiple times over the years … and start building a list now.

Whether you have a business, a new idea, or a personal brand, an email list can become one of your most valuable resources.

Unlike social media profiles, your list is something that you own and it can’t disappear if a social network happened to think your profile was violating their terms and conditions of use.

By building a list, you have an email address and often a name of people that are interested in what you do or what you sell. This is valuable in so many ways.

It gives you a way to keep in contact with these people that are interested in what you do.

It gives you a way to announce new products or services to people that are likely to be interested in buying from you.

It gives you a way to interact with people to get feedback on new product or service ideas or to evaluate existing products and services that you have.

There are a lot of ways to build your list and a quick Google search will give you more than enough ideas on this.

Use your website, use your social media profiles and any other interaction you have with potential customers to build your list. Always be asking people to sign up.

Online, you can offer a lead magnet which encourages people to sign up. This could be a free download, a free course, or a free assessment and the list goes. Just give something that they would really want.

The most important thing is to manage your list. Once people are on it, look after them. Send consistent updates and make the emails you send worthwhile reading so they don’t delete them every time.

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