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Chasing customers out the door

An item gets dropped off for repair to a local small business for something that should take less than a week. After 3 months there is no repaired item or even an update as to where the job is up to.

Then out of nowhere, the repaired item is dropped off completed. Money is expected on the spot and only cash would be accepted. Payment couldn’t be made because there wasn’t the cash on hand. The following day, multiple calls were made asking where the money is at.

We’re talking about $350.

So even though it took 3 months to complete the job, the customer was expected to make payment, in cash and on the spot, without even knowing the item was being dropped off. In addition, there was no mention as to why or an apology for the delay in completing the job.

This job was the first part of a much larger project worth thousands of dollars. That work is now going elsewhere. Along with the referrals that would’ve come from the customer as they are in a similar industry.

This behaviour and these actions are a quick way to chase customers out the door.

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