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Cheap wasted time

I’ve spent most of my week working on a new project. 12+ hour days hustling to get things ready and launched. 

But in evaluating the work I’ve done, I’m going to say that I’ve wasted a good 60% of the week. And that pisses me off.

Instead of paying to have the systems that would make this launch easier, I tried to be cheap and do things myself. I spent the week finding free plugins, workarounds or ways I could do what the paid systems can do. I like doing all of this stuff and it plays on my IT engineer geekiness. 

But, that’s not being productive. And, I still don’t have things the way I want them to be.

I could have paid let’s say $1,000 for all the systems I needed to fully automate landing pages, funnels, emails, social media and advertising. But that’s a big cost for a new idea that hasn’t quite been tested and proven.

Had I spent that money though, everything would have been implemented within a few days and could have already been making money or at least testing the waters.

Cheap is never going to be productive.

Spend the money on the things that are going to save you time and allow you to focus on what’s going to make you money.

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