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Cheap website hosting

Cheap website hosting
One of the worst mistakes you can make with your website is using cheap web hosting.
It might seem like a good idea at the time, it might save you money at the time, and it might promise a lot at the time.
But, it’s always too good to be true. I’ve learnt this many times over either personally with my own sites or through working with clients.
Your website is your online home for your business. It’s the face of your business when people search you or want to find out more and click on your website link from a social profile or some other page on the interwebs.
With your website having such importance, is it really worth taking the risk with cheap website hosting? Is it really worth saving a few bucks and compromising on speed and performance?
Cheap website hosting is fine for hobby websites or very small websites. But as soon as you start running e-commerce, courses, memberships, funnels, analytics etc., the cheap website hosting isn’t going to cut it.
It will perform slowly which means the response time to load a page is poor. It’s this response time, among other factors, that Google uses to rank your site. The better that score, the better your website will rank.
More importantly though, if a website is loading slowly, a lot of your visitors won’t wait around. They’ll click back in their browser and go to the next website, probably your competitor.
Good hosting is going to vary from provider to provider and will depend a lot on your requirements. But $50-$100 per month is a fair price for good quality hosting. That will give you speed and performance and not have you on a server with hundreds of other websites that can impact the performance of your own site, like what happens on the cheap website hosting providers.
There are businesses that easily pay two to three times that per month because they know the value of having the best possible website hosting.
Don’t be cheap, spend the money on hosting. Cut costs elsewhere if you have to.

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