Avoid the headaches of trial and error and get lasting results in the areas of life that matter most – personal growth, business, health and relationships.

Empower Yourself.

Coaching with Shane Black will help you to think bigger, think clearer, and think differently. He will give you real-world advice and help that you can act on and get results from.

With more than 20 years experience in business, he has built them from the ground up, he’s taken them over, he’s turned them around, he’s managed them and he’s consulted to them. He has gone through the highs and lows and learnt to deal with everything that has been thrown at him.

He will coach you through the obstacles that are in your head and in your business. He will push you through uncomfortable areas where you have been procrastinating. And, he will help you to gain clarity and focus.

Shane offers a range of coaching packages or can tailor something to your very specific needs. Regardless of how you work with him though, all coaching is personal, confidential and focused on you taking your business and life to the next level.

"We all reach a point where we need help in some way to get to the next stage in business and life."

Shane Black

Benefits of Coaching.

Hiring a coach isn’t a bad thing. It means you are serious about improving and working on the areas that you need to. It’s why professional athletes, musicians, business leaders, millionaires and even billionaires all have them.


Gain clarity and think clearer within all or certain parts of your life & business.


Find direction in what you could or should be doing to live a fulfilled life.


Get powerful results instead of procrastinating and getting nowhere.


Be motivated on a daily basis to achieve more and do more.


Take control of your health & fitness so you have more energy and stamina.


Master your feelings and mind so. you are in control of everything.

Areas of Coaching.

Business Startup

Get clarity, direction and advice on how to launch your new business and get customers.


Find ways to grow and diversify your online store with new products and markets.


Get help to turn your struggling business around or to overcome obstacles.


Take your marketing to the next level and get a better return on investment from your assets.


Turn your knowledge and experience into a personal brand for exposure and income.

Social Media

Fine tune the content that you post on social media and find the right channels to use.

Side Income

Find ways to generate extra income based on the resources you have and what you like.


Get the edge to think differently and stay sharp so you’re ready to achieve big success.


A happy and successful life starts with being mentally and physically fit and ready.


Common coaching questions asked.


It all starts with a discovery call where you and Shane have a chat via Skype so he can find out about you, your circumstances and what you are looking to achieve. After this, depending on the coaching package you choose, you will then have set intervals where you and Shane have coaching calls targeting the areas that need to be focused on. After each call, you will get an action plan of what you need to do before the next call along with resources that Shane feels will help you.


Coaching can range from $500 through to $20,000 depending on the frequency and the length of time that the coaching goes for. Generally, four to six month coaching packages are recommended. This gives Shane enough time to work with you and for you to implement ideas and get results that take you to the next level. In some cases, a single coaching call is all that’s needed to help someone overcome a particular challenge or obstacle that is preventing them from moving forward in business and life.


Coaching with Shane isn’t for everyone. He’s upfront about this and won’t try to take on everyone that applies. He wants to know that the two of you will be able to work together and get results. He also wants to know that you are committed and will execute on what is discussed in coaching sessions. Complete the coaching application form and then we will schedule a call between you and Shane. In that call, the two of you will discuss what you are looking to achieve and how Shane may be able to help you.