Controlled by our subconscious

95% of what we do in our day-to-day life is controlled by our subconscious.

To put that in perspective, the conversations we have with people, the physical actions that we take and the things that we do, only account for a fraction of what goes on inside our mind.

That’s pretty crazy when you think about it.

It’s also why we are often wrong when we start blaming other people or other circumstances for not being where we want to be in life.

If we aren’t achieving our goals, overcoming challenges or getting to where we want in life, we first have to have a look at our subconscious thoughts.

What have you told yourself? What beliefs do you have? What limiting thoughts have you continued to think about?

Telling someone that you are going to achieve a goal won’t mean anything if you are still doubting yourself within and telling yourself that you won’t be able to do it. You have to believe in yourself so your subconscious thoughts are working with you, not against you.

Success in your career, sport, hobby, relationships and life in general first starts at a subconscious level. Master that, and then you can master anything that you want.

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