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Creating meaning

“Life is really about creating meaning. And meaning does not come from what you get, it comes from what you give” – Tony Robbins

Without meaning, you go through life lost. You lack motivation, direction, drive and purpose.

The quote above is from Tony’s book, Money Master The Game. He goes on to say “Ultimately, what you get will never make you happy long term. But who you become and what you contribute will.”

It’s true, what you get in life doesn’t create your meaning, nor will it make you happy long term. It may fill a void short term, but what happens when that runs out or you get bored of it. You’re then back at the same point of feeling lost and without meaning of what you want to be or should be in life.

Who you become and what you do with your life, and what you give, is what creates your real true meaning.

How are you creating your meaning?

How are you giving in order to find and create your meaning?

And by giving, it doesn’t have to be financial. Far from it. It can be in knowledge, kindness, gratitude, friendship, volunteering, and helping in other ways.

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