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Critical errors

Over the past week I’ve been dealing with some critical errors on my personal website. 

Although they haven’t taken the site down completely, they have impacted being able to update or post new blog posts.

After looking into it, my team have been able to narrow in on the problem. The fix hasn’t been simple but we’ve at least put a temporary fix in place to restore usability to the site. It gives us time to put a permanent solution in place.

As someone that runs an agency and hosts client websites, you’d think I’d be able to sort out the hosting to my own personal website.

But, these are things that you can’t always control and they can happen to anyone.

The lesson to take away from this is to know that you have support behind you if something was to happen to your website. You want to know that you can get support quickly and that you have a competent person or team that is going to be able to get things sorted.

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