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Customer avatars

A customer avatar isn’t always the first thing that I create within a business, but it’s something that I always end up coming back to.

Having a customer avatar can make things a whole lot easier.

Most businesses can and should benefit from having one.

Defining a customer avatar is about coming up with your ideal customer and profiling them. Who they are, what they do, what they like, what makes them purchase, what they don’t like, what their circumstances are, their financial position etc.

You come up with your ideal customer profile and write that onto a 1 page summary.  You give the person a name, you give them a face, you make them feel as if they existed.

Then whenever you are creating content, you think of that ideal customer and create content as if you are creating it just for them. Whether it’s a social post, writing a blog post or creating a product, it will help produce better and more targeted content.

Google customer avatars and you’ll find a lot of good articles that explain what they are and how to create one. There’s also a lot of templates online to help you create your ideal customer avatar.

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