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Draft A Message

The next time you are angry, frustrated or annoyed with someone, try drafting a message to them.

Don’t send it to them.

Don’t even put their name in the “To” field if you use your email client.

Outline in the message what has caused you to feel the way that you are and how they have played a part in this.

Voice how you would’ve liked things to have been or have worked out and how you would’ve liked them to be involved, supportive or whatever the case may be.

The act of doing this gives you a way to vent to yourself without getting anyone else involved and without doing anything stupid that can cause more problems for you.

Sometimes a problem will continue to eat away at me and I’ll decide that a message does need to be sent.

In these circumstances, I never send the original message I drafted. I always start a new one which turns out to be a lot calmer and better suited to the situation than the original one.

This has saved my ass numerous times in personal and professional circumstances by allowing me to get things off my chest without lashing out at someone over something that I would later on think was pretty stupid.

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