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Everything is not yet lost

Hitting rock bottom can feel like it’s the end of the road.

Despite the effort that you put in, it feels as if you can no longer control a situation or the outcome.

It can be the result of your actions or it could be the result of actions from others.

Regardless, it’s a shitty position to be in and it plays on your mind.

You start to doubt yourself, you question everything you believe in and you question the people around you. While this doesn’t help, it’s the natural instinct that people have when put in this position.

Every day brings about a hope that something will change.

I’ve come to realise from first-hand experience that you never truly lose everything. It sure as hell feels like it at the time, but it’s rarely ever the case.

Something always happens.

Never give up! Look for signs, go with your gut feeling and put the effort in. It’s easier said than done, but it’s better than losing something and never being able to get it back.

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