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Every day we are presented with opportunities to experiment in life.

We can experiment with our morning routines.

We can experiment with how we go about our days.

We can experiment with how we run our businesses.

We can experiment with anything we want to really.

To evolve, we have to experiment.

Experimenting is about trying things a different way to see if they provide a better result, feeling or outcome to what we have already been experiencing.

Does waking up at a different time give you better results in energy, productivity and overall happiness in the day?

Does changing the way you greet people and your staff create a different outcome?

Does changing up your daily schedule allow you to get more done and focus on the important stuff or does it have the opposite effect?

Each day there are dozens of things you could experiment with. The key is to be aware of what you want to experiment with and monitor the results.

If something works out well, then keep doing it that way to see if it’s a long-term change you want to implement.

If something doesn’t work out, determine whether you want to try the experiment again in a different way or just go back to your old way.

Experimenting in life is how we move forward with pushing ourselves to go outside our comfort zone to achieve more in life and business.

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