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Finding time to learn

It blows my mind when I hear someone say they don’t have time to be learning anything new.

Everybody has time in their day that could be utilised for learning.

Learning a language, learning how something works, learning a new topic, or learning how to overcome a challenge. Whatever it is, there is time to learn it.

It’s made easier these days with all the different formats available. There are books, ebooks, online courses, in-person courses, workshops, podcasts, audio books, audio programs, videos, social networks, forums, blogs, and research papers.

So where do you get this time?

If you can’t chunk out hours of your time to learn something, break it up into smaller chunks of time throughout your day and week. There are things you do every single day that don’t require your full and undivided attention. So, utilise these times to listen or watch content that helps with learning something new.

Watch content while you are cooking or eating. Listen to content while you are at the gym, walking, gardening, driving, cleaning or brushing your teeth. Read content while you are waiting in a line, on a break at work, on the toilet or laying in bed.

It’s not hard to find time if you are committed to wanting to learn. Which if you are someone that wants to progress in business and life, you should be.

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