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Finding your voice

When you’re creating content, whether it be for a product, service, social media post, a book, or a blog post, it is often said that you need to find your voice.

Finding your voice is about finding how you get your message out.

How do you speak? What tone do you use? Do you use curse words? How do you present yourself? These are all areas that relate to finding your voice.

A lot of people try to get all of this sorted out prior to generating content and getting any message out.

I have found however, that you find your voice as your audience grows.

As your audience grows, you generally adapt to your audience and what they like, what they want and what you and them feel comfortable with.

All of this can only happen as you continue to put out content and grow your audience. So, don’t get so caught up in having to clearly define your voice from the start. Just start producing content and see what works for you and then find your voice as you go.

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