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Forgetting about content

Last night, I accomplished something that I’ve been wanting to do for years…

I finally recorded and released a YouTube video. It was a live show with a new business partner where we talk on different topics and answer questions.

It went well overall. There were a few times where it didn’t go as I had planned. But, I got through it and hit publish before I had a chance to think any further about it.

I haven’t watched it though. And, I don’t know if I ever will. I’m sure it’s cringe worthy and something that I’ll have a laugh about in a few years time.

But, I don’t need to watch it and I’m ok with that. The main goal was to release a YouTube video and I’ve done that.

I will probably skim through a few sections of the video to just check that the audio sounded ok in case I need to make any adjustments. But that’s all I’ll do. I know if I watch it I won’t like aspects of it and that’s only going to put me off recording the next video. 

It’s this create and forget mindset that will allow me to keep on creating content and getting it out there. If I analyse everything I create, I’ll never publish anything because I’ll always find something that I want to change or could make better.

If you’re struggling with creating content, try this create and forget mindset. 

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