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Getting feedback on ideas

It feels like I have a million ideas running through my head every day.

Most of the time, they are just a jumbled mess of ideas that come and go. Sometimes, an idea will persist though.

That’s when I know I should get feedback. Otherwise, I’ll waste a lot of time thinking about it when it may not be as good as what it seems in my head.

Half the time, I’ll get better clarity on an idea while trying to work out the best way to explain it to someone. The process of getting it out of my head and mouth helps me to think about it from different angles.

Then there will be those times where I’m explaining the idea to someone and realise just how stupid it is. The other person will either look at me like I’m crazy or will have some feedback that helps me to better clarify the idea or adapt it into something better.

All it takes is one idea to build, change or adapt a business into something bigger. By constantly coming up with ideas and getting feedback, I’m increasing my chances of finding the next big idea.


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