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Gut Feelings

I use my gut feeling to judge most situations.

Whether it’s about a person’s integrity and personality when I first meet them, or whether someone would be a good fit for a job, or if a relationship is going to work out, or whether a new business idea is worth pursuing, and the list goes on.

My gut feelings, I guess, come from the experience and knowledge that has accumulated over time. In particular, I think a lot of my failures have given me a better sense in being able to make quick gut feeling decisions.

However, some of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in my life, both professionally and personally, have been when I’ve gone against my gut feeling.

The occasions I haven’t gone with my gut feelings are when I’ve allowed other people, situations or thoughts to influence my decisions.

At these times, I let doubt come into the equation and second guessed myself which resulted in me going against my gut feeling.

Costly mistakes in many ways. But good lessons in learning to trust my gut feeling more and not go against it.

But, good lessons in learning to trust my gut feeling more and not go against it.

As an entrepreneur and someone looking to improve their life, you need to trust your gut feelings when making decisions.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s for business, relationships, friendships or general situations that present themselves every day.

Trust your gut.

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