Happiness starts within

Money, people or things won’t bring happiness if you aren’t happy within yourself.

Sure, they might help to maintain happiness but you have to have it to start with.

Work on being happy within to experience true happiness throughout all aspects of your life. This means being happy with your health, fitness, mental health, relationships, living circumstances and your work.


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Shane Black Daily Musing

The bigger person

Being the bigger person is hard. It takes a lot of consideration, and also brings a lot of doubt. It takes guts. It takes courage.

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Shane Black Daily Musing

Doing the work

To get results, you need to do the work. Want to start that business you’ve been thinking about? Then you need to do your research

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Shane Black Daily Musing

Not enough reasons to

If someone isn’t reaching their goals. If someone isn’t breaking a bad habit. If someone isn’t overcoming a challenge. They simply don’t have enough reasons

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