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If you’re not happy, stop complaining and make a change

One thing that social media has made easier for people to do is the ability to complain when they aren’t happy.

“FML”, “I hate Monday’s”, “Work Sucks” etc. You just have to open your Facebook or Instagram feeds to see examples.

Have you noticed though, that the people who are truly happy in life, have put themselves in that position?

They won’t accept anything else for their life, and as a result, will block out all the bullshit. They have made a decision at some point to make choices and take actions that will put them in a happy place.

Often, this occurs after being in a place that they didn’t like, or they weren’t happy about. They didn’t have money, didn’t have the job they wanted, didn’t have good friends, didn’t have respect, or just generally didn’t have the life they wanted.

If you’re not happy, complaining about it isn’t going to fix the situation. Sure, it will get you some attention. But how long does that attention really last? Complain enough and the people giving you that attention will quickly disappear too.

You need to be the one to make a change so you become happy. Only you can do this.

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Shane Black Daily Musing

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