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I’m back

After writing and publishing a daily blog every single day for 2021, I took some time away from doing it this year.

But, I miss it.

I now realise that the daily habit of thinking of what to write and then writing about it makes me a better entrepreneur, and probably a better person in general.

The habit of writing daily puts you in a state where you are constantly thinking about ideas because you know you’re going to have to write about something tomorrow. And when you’re in this state, you naturally start thinking more about everything going on in your life. This is where ideas come from for new businesses, ideas on how to 10X existing businesses, or how to overcome challenges that you’re currently stuck on.

I’m going to write more about the lessons I’ve learnt from writing daily in upcoming posts. For now, I’m happy to be clicking publish on this post and getting back to writing more frequently.

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