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Is Passion Needed?

When it comes to becoming an entrepreneur, a lot of people talk about finding your passion and then doing something with it.

But, following your passion isn’t always the best advice.

You might be passionate about golf, but unless you’re at the pro level, it doesn’t mean you can go out and start teaching golf lessons.

There might be other golf related business ideas you could do. But if the market is already saturated you are going to have a hard time breaking into the market unless you have the time, money and resources to do so.

While I used to have more emotional ties to the businesses I started and would follow my passion to a certain extent, I don’t anymore.

I’m passionate about building businesses and helping others do the same.

I assess new businesses opportunities based on whether they are going to work or not work after having a look at the industry and competition.

Because I’m passionate about building businesses, that drives me regardless of the industry or type of business I’m working on.

I don’t feel any disadvantage because I may not feel 100% passionate about the product or service I might be selling through a business.

If your passion is to help people, you will get that feeling through a range of different types businesses.

If your passion is making money, it’s finding the best ways to do this.

If your passion is freedom and flexibility, there are certain types of businesses that will allow for this.

The problem I see people make with following their passion is they get too emotionally tied to the business.

When this happens, judgements are clouded and the right decisions aren’t always made because of the deep personal connection and feelings towards the business.

Having said all of this, I don’t want to turn people off following their passion because there are people out there that have done it, and done it well and very successfully.

If there is something that you as passionate about and you can make a business from it, do it. Just remember that it’s a business and it has to generate a profit.

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