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Keep moving

A key to surviving this time in lockdown is to keep moving.

Although we are limited in what we can do, it shouldn’t stop us from finding new or different ways to be moving. Each country has different restrictions on what you can and can’t do, but here in Australia, going outside for exercise is still ok.

I’m quite enjoying my daily walks, often with my girlfriend. We are lucky enough to be in walking distance to the beach so it’s a great way to start or finish the day. I’ll also run once a day to release the tension that would normally be released in a good weights session at the gym. Push-ups and sit-ups are a good way to get the body moving too and I’ll usually do these a few times throughout the day.

Another way to keep moving is with at-home workouts and there is no shortage of apps that have programs for you to follow. Create some circuits, use any home gym equipment that you have, or buy some resistance bands.

Don’t have equipment at home? You’d be surprised how resourceful you can be with things around the house. For weights, fill bags with water or sand, use tins of food, containers with liquids, or even your kids! Do incline and decline pushups from furniture, use ceiling support beams or kids swings for pull-ups, use a bench and stool for dips.

There’s really no excuse not to be moving and staying fit and healthy in these times. If anything, it should be easier because we have more time to do it.

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