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Keep up with your stories

When you make up stories or adapt truths into new stories, it can be hard work.

You have to remember who you’ve told what to and all the specific details.

When this is a regular habit, different people get different stories so you then have to keep up with them all in your head.

That one little story then becomes a big story. People start to ask questions, so you add to the story. New people come into the conversation, so the story evolves even more.

Before long, you struggle to keep up with your own stories. Details don’t match up.

Or, people start to talk amongst themselves and realise everyone has a different version of your story.

You’re constantly on your guard trying to keep up with yourself.

The easier option is to just be the real you.

Genuine. Honest. Trustworthy.

It’s far easier to live your life when you have these character traits rather than trying to live your life through stories.

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Shane Black Daily Musing

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