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Know When To Quit

While most people quit too early.

There are other’s who refuse to quit at all.

Some of the biggest successes in business and entrepreneurship come from people that persevere through the struggles and tough times.

While these successes have prevailed because they didn’t quit, it doesn’t mean every situation will end up with the same outcome by not quitting.

So, how do you know when to quit?

You don’t.

There’s no magic rule to know when to quit.

Or whether you should even quit at all.

Knowing when to quit comes down to the type of situation.

Is it knowing when to quit a new business, a partnership, a relationship, a friendship, a project, or a hobby?

You have to be guided by whatever information you have available on hand.

This could be in the form of data from results or sales, to how you’re feeling or how someone else is feeling, or could be based on your gut feeling.

You have to be guided by what you can and then make a decision as to whether it is better to quit now and get out while it’s probably easier or to keep on going.

Rely on information from people you trust to help make this decision if needed. But be careful in who you consult because not everyone will put the thought needed into the best decision based on your circumstances.

Knowing when to quit takes practice and in doing so, there will be times where you won’t get it right.

Learn from the mistakes and it will make you better at knowing when to quit in future situations.

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Daily Musings - Shane Black

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