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Lesson learnt from camping

I spent the past 5 days away camping in regional New South Wales. At a place called Black Rocks. It’s right on the coastline and has some great camping sites that aren’t too far from the water.

It was a great time away. The only problem, it was half an hour away from civilisation, power and phone reception.

Although it was great to disconnect for a bit, it’s something that I hadn’t planned for. So it meant these daily blogs couldn’t be done along with being able to filter through important emails that needed a response.

I pride myself on publishing these blogs on a daily basis. I was disappointed in myself that there were a few days where I couldn’t publish the posts that I had written on the days I wanted to publish them.

The lesson learnt is to always check where you are going on vacation and if you rely on Internet connectivity, make sure that you’re going to have it. If you’re not going to, plan ahead and put things in place so it won’t create any disruptions to your daily routines for producing content.

Had I done my research properly, I would’ve written ahead and scheduled some posts for the days I didn’t have connectivity. And on those days continued to write so I had a bank of saved posts for a later date.

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Shane Black Daily Blog

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