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Make walking producitve

One of the first sacrifices made when someone is working hard on their business, is their health and fitness. The gym sessions disappear and the healthy diet changes to quick and easy meals.

A compromise can be made though and that’s introducing more walking into your day.

But instead of walking and being unproductive, use the walking time to get shit done.

Here’s some ideas on how to use walking time:

  • Read a book that’s relevant to what you’re working on that will help you.
  • Bring your partner along and use it as time to catch up and spend time together.
  • Or bring your partner and go through things that need to be discussed, rather than waiting until you have time to do it on the couch.
  • Return phone calls .
  • Catch up with friends through phone or video calls. 
  • Listen to podcasts that will stimulate your mind and give you ideas.
  • Use the time to focus on a particular thing you’re working on. Use the time to think of ideas and write them down on your phone.
  • It’s not ideal, but use the walking time on social media. Post updates, respond to comments, browse for ideas. (I’m referring to business social media, not personal!)

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