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Managing emails

When you try to keep a clean and organised Inbox, it’s often made hard when you continue to get emails throughout the day from all of the lists that you’ve signed up to. Emails that you want to receive for one reason or another, but they aren’t considered important to your business and day. 

One way to manage these sorts of emails is to have them automatically go off to folders within your email client/system.

There are two ways you can do this.

First, you can setup filters within your email client that look for a particular senders email address and then moves the emails into whatever folders you specify. 

The second option, which will be dependent on your email setup, is to have different email aliases (email addresses) that you use for different types of emails you receive. Then you setup filters that move emails to different folders depending on the address they were sent too.

I had been using the first option but found it was becoming too hard to manage because every time I signed up to something new, I’d then have to go and update my email filter with that new sender address.

The second option is only possible if you’re able to create email aliases. This is normally going to require the business version of Gmail or Outlook.

My current setup that I’m using is having different email aliases for daily blogs, investing, marketing, news, tech and a general one for email lists I want to sign up to for ideas on what people are doing. Each one of those email aliases has a filter setup in my business Gmail settings that point to their own folders.

When I go to sign up to something now, I enter the appropriate email address of the folder I want it going to. A little hack I’m also using is that I’ve setup keyboard shortcuts using Text Expander so I don’t have to type out the full email addresses every time.

So far, I’m liking this new approach to email management. It means my Inbox isn’t full of emails that don’t need my attention right away. The only thing I haven’t liked is that I’ve had to unsubscribe from everything and then resubscribe using the new email addresses.

It’s better to be proactive with how you manage your emails than reactive every single day. Being reactive is how you can easily waste a couple of hours a week in sorting through your Inbox and spending time on things that don’t really require it at the time.

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