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Morning Routines

Morning Routines. Morning Rituals. Miracle Morning.

The hype of morning routines has spawned a lot of different names for them over the past couple of years.

Whatever you call yours, it doesn’t really matter.

The important thing is to have one.

Rolling out of bed, struggling to feel energised, while getting ready and rushing out the door half asleep is no way to be starting your day.

A good morning routine gets your body and mind ready for the day ahead.

Be intentional about your mornings and you are setting yourself up for a positive and successful day.

On the simpler side, you could have a thirty-minute routine that covers the basics.

Through to a more comprehensive ninety-minute routine that covers things like exercise, reading, meditation, yoga, eating, spouse/kids time, news etc.

It’s completely up to you what your morning routine entails.

It only has to work for you. Nobody else.

Google morning routines and there is no shortage of articles giving you ideas on how to create one. You can also see the examples given by a range of celebrities, athletes, musicians, and successful business owners that all swear by them.

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