Paying for research

Most things can be found online and for free.

It’s just a matter of taking the time to do the research and sift through the junk in order to find credible content that you can rely on.

There are free guides, free websites, free YouTube videos, free templates and free anything else that you can think of.

An alternative though, to doing all of this research and having to sift through all the bad to find the good, is to just pay for it up front and get it straight away.

Pay for a course, a guide, a program, a template, or a book that is on the topic that you want and covers everything, all in one place.

This can seem such a foreign concept to people though in having to pay for something when they can get it for free if they look.

But, how long does it take to find what you need and how many different sources do you have to rely on to get all the information that you are looking for?

How much time is wasted in order to find the good free stuff when you could’ve just paid for it straight up and be using the content?

Let’s take fitness programs, for example, you can find everything online for free to create your own fitness training program. But, you’re still going to have questions which you then need to research, and then you’ll find contradicting information, then you have to research that, then you start going around in circles. When, you could’ve just paid say a $100 to get a program that includes all the workouts along with a diet plan. The only time needed in this scenario is finding the right “expert” person or business to buy the research from in the first place.

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