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Pen and Paper

We’ve become accustomed to using apps for anything and everything these days. Apps on our phones, apps on our computers, apps on our televisions, even apps for our cars.

The problem with this is that we have to use the apps the way the developers intended them to be used. Most of the time, there is little room for customising the apps or their workflows to the way we work best.

We start to become unproductive because we spend more time working out how to do what we want to do with an app rather than spending time actually planning or implementing the actual task or project.

This is where good old pen and paper comes in handy. You can plan, write or doodle whatever way you feel comfortable with. The only decisions you have to make is what notepad and what pen you are going to use.

Some of my best brainstorming and problem solving comes when I use pen and paper. I’ll map things out, write out bullet points or just draw workflows. Then when I’m happy with it, I’ll transfer it into an app so it’s easier to store, share or edit as needed.

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