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This month’s Monthly Challenge has been to post on social media every single day. It’s been hard. It’s actually been a challenge to do.

A lesson learnt is that you need to be a step ahead if you want to be posting social media content every single day.

You want to know what’s coming up, rather than waiting for the day and then trying to work out what to post, then getting the right photo and getting it published.

I’ve learnt that the same applies with producing most kinds of content.

Take this Daily Blog for example. The days where I haven’t planned a topic I struggle when I sit down at five o’clock in the morning to write. The post ends up being forced and is subpar to other posts.

When I have planned out the day’s topic the evening before, it’s a completely different story. I sit down, start typing, and a whole blog post just flows out of me.

Planning the topic the day before subconsciously gives me time to think about it and it eliminates the stress of having to think of a topic and write at the same time.

If you need to be producing content frequently, plan ahead.

Allow for flexibility though. Sometimes you’ll review something and decide you don’t like it or something better comes along.

Planning ahead doesn’t mean you are locked into the content that you have produced. It just means that you are prepared and having something to post if something else better doesn’t come along.

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