Productivity guidelines

A good way to stay productive on a weekly basis is to review what you’re doing and to create a productivity guideline that you can then follow every week.

Outline the times that you work best so you can schedule your priority tasks in that time each week.

Schedule some easier tasks in the times that you know you hit a bit of a wall during the day.

Outline what routines you like to do every week that you want to schedule.

Outline family or social commitments that you do each week.

Have notes that act as reminders on how you like to work. When do you like to do certain things during the week? How do you like to start your days and end your days?

Have a list of things that you can do when you have some downtime such as when you’re cooking, cleaning, at the gym, driving etc. Make better use of these times to get more done.

Track what works and doesn’t work and then update your productivity guideline.

Review these guidelines each week as you’re planning for the following week. After doing this for a few months it will all just become habit to you.

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