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Purge Your $#*!

A quick way to become unproductive is to have shit all around us.

Regardless of whether it’s at the office or at home, a feeling of clutter or mess can quickly make us feel overwhelmed and unfocused on what we need to be.

Half the stuff we keep are things we’ll never use, wear, need or look at yet we keep it around “just in case”.

Do yourself a favour and use whatever opportunity you have to purge everything around you.

Donate things, sell things, give to friends or family or just throw things out.

Scan and electronically store paper.

Box and store belongings that you really need to keep.

Get rid of the clothes that you don’t wear all the time.

Buy draws, cabinets or bookshelfs to store books, paperwork and other items around the office and home.

You will feel better knowing there is less clutter in your life.

And your surroundings will feel cleaner and more organised which is shown to increase your productivity and focus.

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