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Read what you’re interested in

I read a lot of books. And I have multiple books on the go at the same time on different topics.

People will sometimes ask how I can read so much. I don’t have any secret to this question. What works for me is pretty simple though.

I just read what I’m interested in at the time.

If I’m wanting to learn something new, I get good books on the topic and get stuck into reading.

The key for me though is making sure I try to find the right books in the first place. I don’t just get any book. I’ll read through reviews on Amazon or Goodreads and make sure that the book already has decent reviews from other people.

Once I have the books, I start reading. I’ll get a rough idea of the book by flicking through it and going through the contents and then I start.

By reading on a topic that I’m interested in at the time, it makes it easier to read because I’m thinking about what I’m reading and what I’m wanting to do at the same time. It’s like I’m putting what I learn straight into practice.

If I come across a book that I’m not vibing, I put it aside. I’ll come back to it and try another time. If after that I still can’t read it, I don’t bother trying again. This just happens with some books.

And, the reason I have multiple books on the go at the same time is to mix things up so I can choose what I feel like reading depending on the time I have to read, what time of day it is, my mood or what I’m wanting to focus on that day.

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