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Realistic Expectations

I am a big believer in that anybody can be an entrepreneur.

If someone has the drive and motivation to want to be, they can start a business or do something that gives them the freedom, flexibility, income or satisfaction that they are looking for.

The problem though, is unrealistic expectations.

A lot of this stems from what we see going on around us without truly understanding the behind-the-scenes scenario of how things have really happened.

We see companies going public or being bought out for billions of dollars or we see private equity firms giving millions or tens of millions to new startup businesses.

What we don’t see is how much time and effort has gone into a project or business before it gets to this stage. Long days, no social life, sleeping at work, stress, frustration and little or no income while doing all of this.

Then we see all these books, courses, guides and articles on the Internet that show us how to make money online and how to hit six figures a year within the first 6–12 months of having an online business.

It’s good to think bigger and have a vision of what we want.

But, we have to be realistic and put it into perspective at the same time.

At the start, we need to factor on what resources, cash, experience, knowledge and help we have to get things started.

Once things start growing, we can raise our expectations and start to look at those bigger expectations and visions. Do it too soon, and you’re setting yourself up for disappointment because you are unlikely to meet your expectations.

Have your big goals, have your big vision, have your dreams, have your expectations.

Just be realistic in the order that it will happen and how it will happen.

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