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Set yourself challenges

If you’re struggling to achieve what you want, try doing a challenge. 

Challenges work for a lot of people. And they are even better if they are public challenges that you either pay for or announce to the world that you are doing one so you can be held accountable.

Take for example fitness challenges. People can go to the gym every day and not get the results they want. But, if they sign up for a challenge they will often see results a lot quicker. It’s because they have a different kind of motivation once they have committed and signed up to a challenge.

You don’t have to pay for a challenge and you don’t have to find a public one. You can just create one yourself and choose whether you want to make it public to not so you have accountability.

Give yourself a target of what you want to achieve, give yourself a timeframe and then get to work on your challenge.

The key is being committed to your challenge. You have to want to change and you have to be hungry for the results that you’ll get from it.

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