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Social media in 2017

There is no shortage of social networks to choose from in 2017.

The old strategy of “be everywhere” isn’t practical anymore. You need to be more selective with the social networks you spend your time on.

Here are my brief thoughts on the key social networks worth considering if you are building a business or brand in 2017.


This network continues to grow with both users and features. The Ad platform continues to evolve and it’s targeting makes it possibly the best out there. For Pages, it’s basically a pay-to-play situation now but worth the money. Facebook Live and video ads are what you should be focusing on moving forward as they continue to rank well and get good engagement.


With Instagram Stories, the new face filters and all the other advancements Instagram is making, it’s only a matter of time before Instagram kills Snapchat. This network has the advantage of still being able to get organic reach without having to pay so capitalise on this while you can. Being owned by Facebook, Instagram shares the same Ad platform so advertising on this network will only get better with time.


This is still the best platform for business social networking. Features continue to roll out allowing you to find and connect with people that are possible leads for your business or just people you want to network with. Their publishing platform allows you to write articles which are then published on the LinkedIn platform which has the advantage of getting organic reach. It would be worth trying the Premium subscription to see if you can benefit from it and generate leads.


I’m on the fence as to where Twitter fits into a social media strategy right now. The future direction that Twitter will take is a little unknown and there have been a lot of changes internally within the past year. Presently, the network lends itself well to news sharing. However, there is a lot more noise on the network these days so you don’t get the same sort of quality engagement that you were able to get in the past.


While not as big as some of the other networks, Pinterest still has a very loyal following. It’s best suited to businesses that are able to create the visuals that are needed to stand out on Pinterest. A lot of eCommerce sites have had good results with Pinterest by posting their products and direct links to purchase those items. With a heavy female demographic, it’s a network well suited to fashion and homeware-related brands.


I was late to the party with Snapchat so I never really grew a big following. Because of this, I waited around hoping Instagram would bring out similar features which they have now done. Snapchat still has a big user base but it’s definitely a younger demographic. If you’re targeting the younger generation, this network could be for you. Otherwise, stick to Instagram and Facebook instead.

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