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Someone will always bring you down

That’s life.

People will talk behind your back. They will instigate trouble. And, they’ll do whatever they can if they think it will hurt you in some way.

It happens in business. And, it happens in our personal lives.

It hurts. But only if you let it.

When you feel as if someone is trying to bring you down, take it as a compliment.

That person is living in fear and rather than deal with their issues, they look elsewhere.

To them, someone else is an easier target rather than addressing their own truths about themselves. They will live in denial while focusing on other people to feel better.

You can try to intervene, but chances are it won’t make a difference. It will just consume your time and energy that could be better spent focusing on your own life.

The more successful you become and the more you enjoy your own life, the more it will happen. So, get used to it and don’t worry about it!

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