Shane shares his failures, successes and strategies for business and life in an entertaining, yet motivational and inspiring way to engage audiences.

Sharing Real Life Stories.

Shane Black started at the bottom, climbed to the top, fell back down, and then worked his way back up. He’s faced adversity at every step and had the odds against him more often than with him. But he has a never give up attitude and will always hustle until he gets to where he wants to be, regardless of what it takes.

Everything is on the table when Shane speaks. He recalls events from the past that show his lowest points, the challenges he has overcome and what motivates him on a daily basis to think bigger and achieve more.

When he speaks, it’s with passion and a genuine desire to inspire and motivate the audience to walk away and take massive action. In the past, he has done this at conferences, workshops, networking events and high-school groups.

Shane can speak on a number of different topics that centre around business, entrepreneurship, self improvement and general motivation. He is candid and entertaining in sharing his biggest challenges that he has experienced, which includes losing everything and going bankrupt. By giving real-life stories of what has happened to him, he can share the lessons he learnt and the advice he has for your audience to avoid the problems and challenges he’s faced.

After taking time away from speaking to focus on business and life, Shane is getting back into speaking to share his experiences, lessons and strategies. He’s missed that feeling that he gets when he is helping, inspiring and teaching people how to think bigger and achieve more.

"The success of an event or conference comes down to the speakers at it. If they aren't entertaining and engaging your audience, they aren't making your event a success."

Shane Black


Speaking Topics.

As a dynamic and energetic motivational business speaker, Shane shares the strategies that have continued to progress him forward on his entrepreneurial journey. He shares tips on what it takes to win in business, why he has no regrets about his failures and the areas within a business that people need to be focusing on.

Shane adapts to the audience and the objectives of the event or group that he is speaking with to ensure that everybody walks away with invaluable information and tools to help them with their own success. Key topics that Shane typically talks about include:


Everyone experiences challenges, setbacks, failures, self doubt and a feeling of being lost. It’s how we deal with these on a daily basis that shapes us into who we become and what we achieve. Shane talks about how he’s dealt with all of these and has always persevered through, even when all the odds were against him and he felt like giving up.


Starting a business is easy, it’s the growing it and keeping it in business that is the hard part. Shane talks about the lessons he’s learnt from growing tiny businesses through to large multi-million dollar businesses in a range of different industries. He talks about sales, customers, strategies, systems, processes, technology, and management.


A lot of people want to be an entrepreneur but they lack the direction and motivation to do anything about it. It takes more than just the thought of wanting to be one. Shane talks about what it means to be an entrepreneur, the focus that is needed, the things that should be done and his own journey of being an entrepreneur and what it’s really like.


It’s something that every business and brand needs, yet it’s something that is often overlooked or never given the right focus and resources. Shane talks about the importance of marketing and branding and the best way for businesses to be doing it. He also talks about building personal brands, why entrepreneurs need to do it and what he’s done to build his own.