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Taking yourself out of the game

A cause of failure that people rarely talk about, or admit too, is when they take themselves out of the game.

They give up. Often, long before the failure actually happens.

As I have said before, life is a game and business is a game. You have to play to win.

When you lose motivation for an extended period of time, when you lose the fight to succeed, when you get overwhelmed to the point where you aren’t making progress, you are taking yourself out of the game.

Once you take yourself out, all the hard work, all the time and all the dedication quickly unravels just like it does with any pro athlete who is removed from a game for any extended period. And, the recovery back is often harder and there’s a good chance you will never get back to where you were at your peak.

Play the game and stay in the game, no matter how hard it gets or how much you want to quit.

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