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October is known as “Techtober” in the tech/geek world. It’s when a lot of the major brands release their new hardware for the year.

And so far, companies haven’t held back with what they’ve released.

We’ve had Apple release the brand new MacBook’s which will be game changers, we’ve had the new iPhone’s which set a new standard in phone cameras, we’ve had the new Pixel phone just be announced with more innovations for a phone. And in the past few days we’ve had DJI release a new cinema camera that is mounted on a gimbal that looks amazing.

For someone like me that loves his technology, this is a dangerous month. This month has seen some really game changing technology released that is giving some serious power to the users who have these products in being able to create content or go about their days in a more productive and streamlined manner.

I’m not sure what will be on my final shopping list. I like to see a few real-world reviews first to see if the technology and products actually live up to the hype. I have a feeling though that most of the products are going to deliver what they have promised and that’s going to give me a lot to think about.

Stay tuned for the new tech that I’ll be getting…or just keep drooling over because it’s not a practical purpose that’s going to help me enough to warrant the cost.

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