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The circle of fear around launching

I couldn’t even count the number of different businesses and side hustles that I’ve worked on. There’s been a lot. Probably too many.

Despite that number being high, I still go through a circle of fear whenever I launch something new. Most people do in some form.

That circle of fear for me looks something like this: It’s a great idea, I’m motivated, I’m all for making it happen, I question myself, I keep focusing on it, I start to think it’s not going to work, I then keep working on it, I question whether it’s going to be successful or not, I push through anyway, I then nearly give up on the whole idea, but I keep pushing through, then I doubt myself and wonder whether I’ve just wasted the past few months/weeks/days on the idea, but then I see the light at the end of the tunnel and get the new idea launched.

I’m no different to anyone else in that I suffer from fear, self doubt and a lack of conviction in an idea at times. But, I won’t let all the negative thoughts stop me. That’s what may seperate me, and people like me, from people that have ideas and never launch them.

You have to realise that the circle of fear is normal.

What separates people is how they deal with it. There are the doers that will push through and launch no matter what. And there are the dreamers that let the fear stop them and come up with excuses as to why they can’t launch, while still dreaming of being able to launch.

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