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The delivery man

Today I did something different.

I played the delivery driver for my hamper business.

Normally orders are dispatched via courier but these were custom hampers that were too delicate and had to be hand delivered.

I approved the order, knowing that I would be the one to deliver them. Why? Because I wanted to gain a better insight into how people are receiving hampers.

What I learnt in half a day of driving around and delivering hampers will now change the way we send hampers for years ahead;

Making the shipping labels more fun will be a starting point.

Making it easier for recipients to know what the package is will be improved. 

Getting couriers and postal services to treat packages with more care needs to be given more thought.

Using the journey that a hamper goes on needs to capitalise on all of the exposure that it gets. This means better packaging so people learn about the brand.

The ice packs we use need better insulation to avoid seeping through the cardboard box.

The sender needs to be kept up-to-date in real time as to where a hamper is and when it has been delivered.

These are just some of the lessons I took away. Some are obvious when I think about it, while others are some that I wouldn’t have learnt had I not gone out and personally done this.

If you are a business that sends out products, don’t just focus on getting the products out of your warehouse. Focus on the journey that those products go on and the way in which your customers receive the products.

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