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The nerves from starting a business

If you’re starting a new business or side hustle, it’s natural to have nerves about it.

The closer you get to launching (and even after you have) the more those nerves are going to be tested.

One minute you’ll be all excited and can’t wait to get it started, then the next minute you’ll be doubting yourself and questioning whether it’s a good business idea that will work.

You’ll want to tell everyone about it, but then nerves kick in and you start to worry about what people will think or say about it, either to you or behind your back.

You’ll have everything planned out in your head as to how the business will be a success, but then you overwhelm yourself with negative self-talk about how you can follow through with it all.

All of this is normal though. Everybody goes through this.

The way I look at it, if you don’t have these nerves, you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough. You aren’t trying to do something that could potentially change your life.

So, you have to make a choice.

You either control the nerves and believe in yourself, or you let the nerves control you and stop you from moving forward.

Most people choose the latter and that’s why so many business ideas are just that, “ideas”. They never turn into anything because nerves killed the idea before it even had a chance.

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